My Front(Screen) loses communication after one minute
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Hi, I have a problem when I call a service and it takes more than a minute.
Exactly one minute my front loses communication with the server and returns a 504.
After a minute, a 504 is raised

But for requests lasting less than a minute it is successful


Note: The request continues to be executed in the server, it may last 70 seconds for example, but it is disconnected from the Front to give the final response of the service.

My version is  10.0.1005.2, J2EE.

My question is, how can I increase the front wait time until the service gets a response? (More than one minute)

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Hello German,

Please try to increase the Server Timeout and see if it resolves your problem.

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Hi German,

As Sachin suggested you can increase the server request timeout in module properties. But ideally if you request takes so long first thing you should do is to check and optimize your server action.

I am not sure if you have tried it already but if I see from user's prospective it is not a good to keep user waiting for so long to see the response. Also may be your action is taking 60-70 today and may take longer later.

So if your action is doing some processing which is possible to do in background task also then consider using timers and call its wake action where needed.

Executing long running timers

Use Wake timer built in action

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