Error message plotting strava polyline on a map using openstreetmap

I am a beginner developer, hope somebody can help me with this one...

I am trying to plot a polyline on a map. The polyline is an output of the strava activity api. I try to plot this on a map using openstreetmap. In only one case its working, in all the other cases i get this errormessage. Strange thing is, that the coordinate in the errormessage isnt even in the polyline (when i convert it manual to coordinates).



Looking from your error message, the longitude value is NaN.

Try using debug on passing the latlong value to the openstreetmap.

If you can share your .oml, I can help check on this on my spare time.


Hi, thx. But the coordinate in the error message isnt in the polyline. I give the polyline string as in inputparameter to the osm Js. Then this error occurs. But i found out that i used an old version. I will first try it with a other version.

thx anyway

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