Display Data Only Once is Dropdown List


Can anyone help me on this, i only wan to display data once in the Dropdown list as mention in the below image.

Left is the Web Browser Screen and on the Right hand side the data base entities. 

Thanks :)


Please find attached sample OML for your reference.


Hi JK,

you mean you don't want to repeat values in the list?

If the aggregate is used only for that purpose, use a Group By in the FeedbackDB colum.

If you want to filter outside the aggregate, you can use a ListDistinct action and assign it to your dropdown widget.


Based on your comments it looks like you are looking to fetch and display the distinct values from entity. Right? If this is your requirements either you can use the options as suggested by @José Gonçalves or another option is to write a query as shown below into the advance SQL and fetch the data as per your requirements.

Select distinct {FeedbackDB}.[Rating] from {FeedbackDB}

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Please find attached sample OML for your reference.


Hello @JK2020,

Let's call your current database entity where the rating is located, as 'Main' for the sake of making my point. 

It seems you only want distinct values of Rating from the 'Main' entity, to be able to search for associated entries in a table etc. but please remember the data in 'Main' is likely to keep growing, so your query will take longer to execute over time. 

If your design is constrained to only get Ratings that were entered in the 'Main' entity, i.e. if the ratings entered were 8,9,10 and that is what needs to be displayed in your dropdown list then yes, the above posts already address your ask.

If, however, you are allowed to display the entire Rating range in the dropdown list, then you no longer have to retrieve data from 'Main' entity, rather you have more efficient options to implement. 

For e.g. you could either have a Rating entity (static entity) with its foreign key stored in the 'Main' entity OR you could have the maximum rating value configured as a Site Property and just display the list of all rating values in the given range.



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