Refresh screen on download

Refresh screen on download

I have a screen with a record table, one of the data columns being a status that indicates whether or not the entity of that row had been exported to Excel. On the same screen I have a "download" link, which will update the status and download the Excel file. However, I also want to refresh the screen showing the new statusses, and I don't know how to do that without resorting to hacking. Is there a straightforward way to refresh the screen after a download from that screen?
Hi Killian,

One way I would see that working is to refresh the screen first, and then force a download after the page is loaded - probably resorting to javascript, maybe clicking an invisible link?

That's the way that downloads work in some sites, with the "Your Download will start in a moment" disclaimer.

Another alternative would be the Link's onclick event first to refresh the statuses, and after refreshing forcing the download. I'm not really sure if you could do this with the Agile Platform's Ajax features, but probably can be done with Javascript.

Would these suggestions suit your needs?


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for the swift answer. Clicking an invisible link will probably be the easiest here, I'll investigate it.