How to add flag in table so when its value is 0 it will direct to a functionality?
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I need to create a row in a table, that row will have some name with value of 0 or 1. If, the value is 0, then it will direct to a functionality or action. So, how to implement this in reactive web?


Hi Aditya,

Could you elaborate more ? or give us your oml / screenshot on what you want to achieve.

I kind of confuse on what you want to achieve, is it on real table (database) or table on the screen ?


Yes sure, Actually i have a working table in database, in which I need to add one row with any name and it should have a value like 1 or 0. so, if that flag is 0, then only the desired functionality or action should run else it will be the same as it was. 



Row or column ?

The desired functionality is not running on the database right ? But on screen ?


actually, the database table will have a new row, where i need to put a flag so that, if its value is 0, then only the desired functionality should run.

Hi Aditya,

Can you please provide more details of your problem statement?


So when you are listing the data on the database you could put an if on the table, or inside and actions, where depending on thee flag you go to another action.

Share your OML and let's have a look


Márcio C.

It seems like you want to preform an action in the functionality when creating a new record for table X.

You want to do function a if a value in a attribute of that new record is 1 and b if its 0.

Is this a correct description of your desired functionality?

If so: 

Its a best practice to create CRUD actions for each table. 

In the Create server action you can do exactly what you described. But this is not recommended by me: you should have a server action that does exactly what your business logic needs to be done. this action would consist of creating that record and doing  what you want after that: if 0 etc.

If i may give some advise: Please try to write your question down with the consideration that we don't know what you are trying to do. In your head you are way ahead of us, but we need to see the entire picture if we are to advise you on how to paint it. :)

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