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Hello guys, just a newbie in outsystems, anybody has an idea how to achieve this in outsystems? Btw i'm using the default themes. I'm not using the theme like lisbon, etc,. Thank you in advance!




you can just use list or table record and design accordingly.

after that Add a action in add another apartment/room and use list append action and add default value so user can change it accordingly.

Hope this will  help you.



Hello Rahul,

          thanks for the reply, i wanted it to be something like of dropdown, if i use the list or table record, how could i make it such. sorry a bit confused.

Thank you!

Hello @Renz Casubuan ,

       You can use list widget and inside list use Accordion widget.

So using Accordion in list you can set title of Accordion as "Apartment/Room " and

in Accordion placeholder set Adult and childs count.

Using Accordion what happens, user will see only apartment/room and when user will click on specific room accordion content will appears as dropdown for that room and then user can set those values accordingly.

 Thank you.

Hello Renz,

I don't think this could be directly achieved using the native dropdown widget.

I would suggest to a text box with the heading and on click of text box open a popup where you can design for the selection.



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