[MSWordUtils] Question to ServerAction MSWord_MakeText (V1.5.0)
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the admin of our Outsystem Environment has update MSWordUtils to Version 1.5.0.


 In the server action MSWord_MakeText I did not understand the assignment "Highlight = OutText.Highlight".

I think this should be "OutText.Highlight = Highlight"

2) To set the font color I could use a hexcode like "#ff0000" for red. For highlight color only names like "yellow" work.

Where could I find a name list for this highlight colors or did I make something wrong?

Regards Martin 

Hi Martin,

Apologies for taking so long to respond.

Thank you for spotting that defect.  We will fix it in the next release, and I will put on the list.

Also I will put on the list fixing Highlight so it accepts hexcodes for colours as well as "yellow".  I believe you are right that only yellow works at the moment.

Many thanks for your help!

Kind regards,


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