Working with Lists and the Offline functionality
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Dear all,

let's say I have the following table

I would like to show this as a List to the user so they can choose with which product they are dealing before they continue to fill out a form. After they choose a product, the product name and the charateriscs are saved in variables and then shown on the screen. The app should work offline. The offiline functionality with just the form is working fine. 

I tried 2 things- to create a local storage of the list and create an aggregate of this local storage. but then the list is not showing on the screen when I run the app anymore. 

If I take the list from the Database (not creating a local storage and calling the list from there), then I have problems with the offline functionality(it doesn' show any errors but it doesn't save either).

Do you have any suggestions regarding this?

I thank you in advance. 

King regards,

Gerantina Hoxha



Do you implement offline sync when using local storage ?

So the local storage will always updated based on the pattern that you use using offline sync.



yes I have implemeted offline sync also for the list and actually the offline function is working fine if don't include this list. The sequence in offline sync is first the list and then the form since users would need to fist choose a product and then fill out the form. 


How about using 2 local storage, 1 is sync from server, the other one is for what users has selected before filling the form (so the data is already saved on the other local storage)

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