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I want to insert an hyperlink into an WordDocument.

I do it like in the sample app to MSWordUtils (Add Text). 

If I have one paragraph with one hyperlink inside, I have the phenomenon that the text of the link is the first text in the paragraph (with the hyperlink behinde. The real first text is behinde the hyperlinktext and has the formatting of the hyperlink text. (The "original" sample has the same effect). The generated Word document open without error.

If I have two paragraphs with a hyperlink inside (one hyperlink in a paragraph) I get the error that the word document is not correct created and if I want to fix it. After that both hyperlinks has the URL of the first hyperlink.

Sorry, but I could not descripe it better.

 Do anyone have the same problem with the sample app?

- Start sample app, press button "Add Text", open the Word-Document. If you see the sentence

you have the same problem, because from the sourcecode it should be "Right over the lazy dog" and "the lazy" should be the hyperlink. Also "dog." should not be highlighted rather "Qutside of..."




I create a free personal OutSystems environment,

install MSWordUtils & the sample app from the forge,

I start the sample and use the button "Add Text".

I get the same result as in our company environment.

On the screenshot from forge

you could see how it have to look.

This is the result I get from the sample app

- No page break (also if you see it in the draft modus)

- Position "Right over" and "the lazy" changed

- the hyperlink is under "the lazy"

- the format of "the lazy" and "Right over" changed

-- BUT the highligt format of "Outside of..." is ok (other than by my test in our company environment)

Do anyone know, how I could fix this challenge?



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