[Case Management framework] Error within a Worflow Builder generated application after CM update
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Last week, we utilized workflow builder to build a simple approval workflow - at the time we were using the April 6 version of Case Management Framework.  Upon generating the application, we were able to create new requests and move through the approval.  We later updated Case Management Framework to the April 28th version and are no longer able to submit new requests.  We get an "Error executing query" error and are unable to proceed.  We tried reinstalling CM framework, rebuilding other applications, and building a new simple app in Workflow Builder, but nothing worked.

Rolling back the CM Framework got us back up and running, but Workflow Builder keeps forcing the update.  Of importance, the backend is Oracle rather than SQL server - after a few simple tests, it looks like the new version is functional on SQL server.

Below is the stack trace:

Error executing query.
   at ssCaseServices_API.Actions.ActionException_Manage(HeContext heContext, String inParamAllExceptions, String inParamActionName, String inParamActionGroup, STPayloadDatetimeStructure inParamDateTime, String inParamContext)
at ssCaseServices_API.Actions.ActionCase_Initialize(HeContext heContext, String inParamCaseDefinitionId, String inParamCaseStatusId, String inParamPriorityId, Int64 inParamParentCaseId, String inParamComments, Int32 inParamUserId, Int32 inParamCaseRequesterUserId, STCaseExternalRequest_CreateStructure inParamExternalRequesterDetails, String inParamTags, Int64& outParamCaseId)

Is this something you can help us understand and resolve?  Please advise.




Hi @Alex Bath

Thank you for your feedback.

It has just been released version 1.4.1 of the Case Management framework. There was an issue related to the Oracle database introduced with the access control feature. Workflow Builder was also updated to depend on this latest version.

I will wait for your feedback with the expectation that it got solved.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Pedro Saraiva

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