In what order does Outsystem deploy the modules in life?

Hi! We are doing a refactoring of the factory and moving many tables between modules. We are finding that in most deployments, we have to do them in two steps: 

  1. Uploading the new table
  2. Uploading the rest of the modules that are dependent

If we don't, the passes end up failing before or during the deployment process.

Can you tell me in what order takes the Outsystem modules for deployment? We thought it would be more automatic

Thanks for the information but this does not solve my doubt, as I mentioned, we are being forced to do two deploys:

  1. for the module containing a new table that is used in different applications
  2. Other dependent applications

When we don't do it like this, we get an error in lifetime because it tries to publish a module without first uploading the one from the new table (it is in the same solution but it is seen that it is not executing the deploy in the order it should)

So I wanted to know how to order the lifetime modules for the deploy

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