[Touch ID Plugin] [Touch ID Plugin] Max Attempts not used
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I noticed that in the Touch ID Plugin we have 2 parameters: MaxAttempts and Locale and when I open the clone of the plugin those two parameters are not used anywhere. Is there a reason for that approach or this is just a mistake?


Due to that issue plugin returns the response after every wrong fingerprint scan not as described above that it should cancel after the fifth wrong scan. 

Do you think that can this be corrected in the standard plugin code? 

Hello Marcin,

Both the parameters are used in the plugin

Please check the version of plugin or update the plugin

I use the latest version from forge (3.3.0).

I did reinstallation today and the issue still persists there. 


I am facing the same problem described by Marcin. I am using the latest version of the plugin, therefore I am curious what version you are using @Krunal Vyas 

Thanks in advance.



Hello Tyler,

I just check my version and i am using one of the old versions 3.0.1.

Its showing an update for me now.



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