Technical Preview Multilingual seems to be disabled when deploying.

We have upgraded the platform server to 11.11 to make it possible to use the multilingual feature in mobile apps.

This works fine. We have enabled the technical preview feature in three of the four environments.

Publishing the mobile modules with this feature works fine, but deploying the mobile modules from DEV to TST (with this feature also enabled) gives the following error:

Disabled Feature: Multilingual for Mobile and Reactive is disabled. Enable the feature and retry

This is strange, because in both environments the feature is enabled in LifeTime.

What did I do wrong?

Kind regards,

Willem Markus


Hi Willem,

I would recommend to open a support case with OutSystems support team on first priority, since the issue you have mentioned are also facing by other members.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachin,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I've done it, but as it is a technical preview, OutSystems doesn't support this. They closed the support case.

Kind regards,


2019-04-07 18-26-39
Vitor Teixeira

Hi @Willem Markus,

Thanks for posting about this situation. Apologies for any inconvenience it may be causing. 

The upcoming release of the platform server will fix this issue. Meanwhile, we can suggest a workaround that should solve it for your environment. You can try to restart the Compiler Service in LifeTime, using “Restart Services”. As detailed in this document.

Hope this helps, please let us know if it doesn’t.

Vítor Teixeira


For all who have this problem, they should do the following:

1.- Go to lifetime and click on "Options" then click on "Technical preview"

2.- Check if the "multilingual" switch is activated in the environment you want.

3.- Then click on save button and restart the server.

If you don't see the "Options" button or "Restart server", you probably don't have permissions.


Hi @Vitor Teixeira 

We plan to update out environment from 11.10.2 to latest stable one, so Is the issue still available?

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