Is it possible to connect to oracle db which not in windows server?

Hi there,

For on-premises installation setup, is it possible to connect to oracle database which is not in windows server? Or is there any dependencies with Servers? for eg, I would like to connect Outsystems with Oracle database in IBM AIX, is this possible? Could someone help with this? Thanks!

Do you simply want to connect to that database as an external database source, or do you want the OutSystems platform itself to be running on that database?

Not as the external database source but as Outsystems platform itself to be running on that database.

I think it doesn't really matter where or how the database is running, but i'm not 100% sure.

But for sure, it doesn't need to be running on a Windows server.

In the article  you had shared, I had seen that Windows server is required for Platform server but the scenario is we need to connect to Oracle database which is in IBM AIX. So is it possible to connect not as the external database and as the normal one?

Hi Diyab,

The platform server is where your applications live and where the IIS runs. During setup you configure the platform server to connect with the database. This database, in this case Oracle, doesn't need to be on the same server, or on a Windows server.


Hi Lennart,

Thanks! Could you please share any related article on how to setup the above, if any? 

I don't have any experience with setting up OutSystems on an Orable db, but in this page they describe the option in Configuration tool when you set the Database Provider property to Oracle:

This information is also in the installation checklist ( when you select that you want to use an Oracle DB.

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