What control we use for 'Folder Explorer' in Outsystem?

What control we use for 'Folder Explorer' in Outsystem?

i have a path in DB like 'C:\Test\test.jpg' similarly we have a file in that path.Like we have many Rows with different jpg file name in DB.Now my requirement is I want to show the Folder [like Folder Explorer in Windows]  when i click the folder i want to show the files which was in DB path.
Is it Possible to do above process? If yes please give some guidlines for proceed..

Hi Devaraj,

Have a look at the FileSystem extension which might give you the functionality you're looking for. You can obtain it in the OutSystems Network Downloads \ Components section, or here.
Thanks for your Reply..

I reviewed the File Extension but there is an action to create directory or delete etc.
My requirement is in application screen i want to show the Directory and if click the directory i have show the files .
Hi Devaraj,

What Miguel means is that you can get the list of files in that folder using that extension, and then displaying them on the screen, using a Table Records most likely.


Paulo Tavares