Cordova Bridge returns Invalid Action in Outsystems Mobile App
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.22 (Build 41777)
Platform Version
11.12.0 (Build 29775)


I added a Cordova Print Plugin ( to an Outsystems Mobile App, and created the Native Android Application. Cordova plugins usually do work, but this specific one (that is speaking directly to the native built-in printer in the Android device) gets an "Invalid Action" when the js bridge is working his magic. 

I built exactly the same configuration (same device, same Cordova/Android version,...) in an empty Cordova Project in Android Studio, and there the plugin works flawlessly.

Does anyone have an idea, or are there certain limitations with the Outsystems Cordova implementation in terms of accessing the Android Hardware?

JS Command: sunmiInnerPrinter.printString("\n\n");

Response after an succesfull print command on Android Studio Cordova Project

msgs = undefined, service = "Printer", action = "printString", callbackId = "Printer89181307", argsJson = "[\"\\n\\n\\n\\n\"]"

Same call via the Outsystems Cordova Android App

msgs = "36 F07 Printer705527828 sInvalid action", service = "Printer", action = "printString", callbackId = "Printer705527828", argsJson = "[\"\\n\\n\

It's also clear in the ADB logs that in the case of the Android Studio Project the printer is approached, wich is not happening in the Outsystems case.

2021-05-06 02:58:14.297 2826-3365/? E/gh: path /sys/printer_pin/printer/busy_cts
2021-05-06 02:58:14.297 2826-3365/? E/gh: path /sys/printer_pin/printer/block_cts

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