[LazyDropdownSearch] Error message not visible
Forge component by Steven Decock
Application Type

I use this component in a Form (in a sidebar) and I have created a boolean to store if the widget is valid or not. I also put in an error message to help the end-user solve the issue when a problem arises. The configuration is as follows;

When no selection is made (or the current selection is removed) the boolean is set to false so the widget turns red and show the error message. See the following screenshot;

As you can see the widget turns red as expected but does not show the error message. 

Lookin into the HTML I can see that the error message is presented but not visible;

I then started to fiddle around with the CSS class ".form span.validation-message and when I turn off "bottom", "left" and "position" the error message appears as expected;

Note that ".form span.validation-message" is part of OutSystemsUI. Perhaps you can find some solution to this problem. I suspect the <span> tags are added because you have the error message inside an If statement. 



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