Notify event between espaces

I have a webblock in an espace that has a list records with sections, SectionsWB. This web block has:

- an input parameter: SectionId

- a Preparation with an aggregate GetSections

- a SelectSection screen action that has an assign "SelectedSection = LRSections.List.Current.Section.Id" then an ajax refresh LR_Sections then a NotifyParent event.

- a NotifyParent event with an input parameter SectionId

On another espace in a webscreen I have a screen action SectionsNotifyParent with a SelectedSectionId input parameter.

When a list item (a section) is clicked in the SelectSection screen action of the SectionsWB it shows the correct SectionId  "SelectedSection = LRSections.List.Current.Section.Id" the assign works fine, for example the section with id 2 is clicked the SelectedSection stores 2 in the assign. 

However when the flows goes to the another espace after the NotifyParent event, in the SectionsNotifyParent screen action the SelectedSectionId is always 0. Do you know what can be the issue?

The issue seems that is in the NotifyParent event on the first espace, because when debugging after the assign "SelectedSection = LRSections.List.Current.Section.Id" the flow doesnt continue to the NotifyParent event.

Hi jake,

It can be achieved Via Triggering event from Child block so that it reflects the Parameters to the parent Web Screen or it  can be achieved by using Notify and get notify system actions. 

Please find the URL :

Get Id from Event :

Get Id from System Action Notify :


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