Machine learning text classification returning always same value

I already have my text classification module trained with 78% as a result. But when I use it in my logic I always return the same value, where I have a static table with the records (negative, positive, neutral) and another with an entity called feedbacks. And my goal is machine learning to classify these feedbacks, and so far the result is always the same, a negative record.

Hi Gonçalo,

you mean you are sending a result (i.e. 78%) and the action/function should retrieve the classification (negative, positive, neutral)?


Sorry, the module im using has 78% of performance, and yes, im detecting if my target is positive, negative or neutral, but somehow the result is always the same


Can you show the formula/condition you're using to determine the feedback?

In the array it classify them correctly and save it wron always with score 1 (negative)


What data type is Feedback.Feeling? Are you assigning score to it?

You are converting a decimal to Identifier and it's truncating to 0.

Maybe you should keep score as decimal or convert to longinteger only.

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