How to save settings (property, message etc.) on the client side
Application Type

In the example above,  the[Data Type] of the [Client Variable] is limited to the basic data type.

I wonder if there might be another way to do this.

Which method should I use to keep a property, message etc. on the client side?

Hi Asami,

Try to use site property for settings



Hi Shradha

Thank you for your reply.

Could you tell me how this is done specifically?

If I want to keep a fixed message, how to access site property and share?

·Add site property
·Setting site property description
·Add client action

Did I get that right?



Hi Shradha

Thank you for teaching me.



Hi Asami,

You can share site property by public actions. 

You can create site property from service studio and set its default value also you can change its effective valuve from service center.



Hi Komal

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.

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Hello Asami,

Site properties are stored on server.

For client side, its client variable for storing messages.

note:- Client variable is limited to basic data types and identifier types.

You can access it in application as follows:-




Hi Krunal

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.
I got it.




Hi Asami Uchida

Maybe you can try to use a local entity to save these data.

But I am not sure you can share local entities with another app.

Kind regards

Hi Tom

I appreciate you sharing this information.
I'll try that.



Dear Asami

As Krunal said, Site Properties remains at Server Side. You cannot keep that data on the Client Side. 

Also, the Client Variables are limited to the Data Type. 

There are multiple several options apart from this like Local Storage, JS, Cookies and all but can you help me to know the use case? Do you want this for offline access or just to keep some data on browser for some reason!  

Hi Gupta

Thank you for teaching me a lot of things.

When developing an application, there will be cases where I want to keep a list of setting values (property, message, etc.) on the client side.

In Traditional Web, the Structure type can be defined with session variables, but in Reactive Web, client variables can be used, but they are limited to basic data types such as Text.

What do you think the best?

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