can I intercept all my external api calls to add additional headers
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Hi I wanted to know if there is a way to intercept all external api to add headers such as auth headers . 


Hi Lekhaj,

Yes that is possible, it is answered for example in this older post.

Further information can be found in the followingOutSystems documentation:

Functionality from this the HTTP Request Handler API may be useful for you too.

For token-based authentication, use the "OnBeforeRequest" callback to add the required HTTP authorization header to the outgoing requests. Check Simple Customizations for more information.

For client certificate authentication, use the "OnBeforeRequestAdvanced" callback, together with .NET code in an extension, to customize the outgoing requests. Check the HTTPS Consumer component provided by the OutSystems Community for a possible implementation.
Additionally, check the Advanced Customizations topic for more information on how you can implement advanced use cases.

For other authentication methods, check the Advanced Customizations topic on how you can use the REST Extensibility API to implement advanced REST use cases.



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