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Hello, what is the best place in Outsystems Service Studio to document changes? For me, it has always been very important (regardless of the programming language) to document changes to the code cleanly in order to be able to better understand afterwards what has changed. How do you do that in Outsystems? Is there a central place in Service Studio where documentation is stored?

Thank you.

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Hi ,

Which document you want to change?

If you want to change documentation then you have edit option in right corner.


Sorry, my question was not clear. I am concerned with the documentation of changes in APPS that I programme in Outsystems.

Hi Michael,

As far as documentation is concerned in service studio, you can always use "Comment" widget and provide the details on what is changed and also you can set the reminder for that change to "Yes", so if you want to revisit the changes and make the modification later.

Below snapshot will help you.

Hi Archana, thanks for your reply. But is there somewhere a central place for e.g. a bugfix or feature list?


Hi Michael,

In OutSystems we usually add bugfixes and features to the deployment notes of our deployment plans in LifeTime. This way you can document the fixes and features for each version of your application.

Furthermore, there is a LifeTime plugin available in the Forge that allows you to get an overview of the entire staging history along with the deployment notes.

Hope this helps!



Hi Michael,

Not observed so far any central place to capture that bugfix comments.

But we do have Description property available at Module, Screen, actions and other resources used in OutSystems, were we can maintain those bugfix list as shown below.


Hi Archana,

The description property of each element is not meant to be used for keeping track of bugfixes and such. The description property is meant to describe the purpose of a specific element.

As you mentioned above, we use comment widgets if we want to add notes inside our code.

I hope you understand that I have to unmark your post as a solution as other community members good get the wrong idea here.



Hi Nordin,


Michael want the place in service studio to capture those bug list, so could think of that option only.

Thanks for clarifying.

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