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Hi all,

I have an application in production that I'd like to retire (rather than just disable). What is the best way to do this?

My preference is for it to be retired from our DEV server and then UAT and finally removed from the Production server itself. I.e. through Lifetime, but I can't seem to find any good description of how to do that.

Alternatively, I guess I can manually delete the application from Production and assume that this will only delete that application itself, but wasn't sure whether that is really the best thing to do.

What's the recommended way of achieving this?

Hi Richard,

What is your motive to delete the application from production? If you want to delete a particular application, please make sure it's reference has not been added to other applications in your environment otherwise your other applications will also impact and might be cause issues in browsing.

Thanks & Kind Regards,




If want to delete a application from production, please check first in Service Center / factory / application tab all modules in the application. The modules should not be referenced by other modules other than the modules of the application.

You can delete the application via service center.

You don't have to delete it first from Dev.

If you delete it from all environments, best is you create a solution first with all the modules of the application and download the solution as a backup. You can then in the future install the app again.

If you do not want to lose the app data you need to export that before you remove the application.



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