how to display result from display list with maximum control?

Hi All,

Currently i am doing the Booking system. 

Let say i have table A and table B

Table A is the schedule of timing






Table B is store the appointment

John      08:00

Eric        08:00

Jenny      09:00

Mike    08:00

so, i wan to make it when Table B 08:00 already three booked, it will not list again for Table A when using access to the booking system.

It is urgent, coz i need to do the Covid Swab Test Booking system.

Hopefully you can provide some sample.. it will be easy for me to understand.

Thank you



Use the Count aggregate function to SwabAppoinment.Id, and the filter it by group

See example below:

Hope this make sense and helps you!


Halo Marco,

thanks for your reply.

After i follow ur method, i got error from the display list. Look like the table and field missing.

What to do next?

thank you for ur help.



small correction to this aggregate : it should be Schedule With or Without Appointment, to make sure Schedule slots that have no appointments yet, also show up.

Hi All,

After i Count aggregate function to SwabAppoinment.Id, and the filter it by group , now my Structure cannot use.

I need to structure to add my checkbox.

any idea?


  • For the Date collumn to appear: apply the Group aggregate or Max aggregate fucntion against the Date Column
  • For the Time: apply the Max aggregate function on Time column
  • For the Please Select Column: Add New Attribute as default value False to the aggregation

Hope this help.


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