Issue's with mobile app date being different from web app - Detached Env
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I have been detached from outsystems for some time now. After recently adding a new provisioning file to my IOS app I had some build errors that I had an external vendor work through. 

This is a service scheduling app so our manager goes into the web portal and schedules his techs on the calendar. The techs use the mobile app to view when they have jobs. For some reason all of a sudden when the manager schedules within the web app with a certain date, the date on the mobile phones that the techs see is one day behind what is scheduled. 

Since I am unfortunately detached from my environment when I reached out to support they said they could not assist me. The code is pretty much a mess when you detach from outsystems. 

Has anybody run into this issue before? I'm confused as I would assume that since it is pulling this data from a sql table that it should be correct. 

Hi Jessica,

After detaching the code from OutSystems there would need to do a lot of changes into the code to make it run on the new environments. I am currently working on this detach process and facing lot of issue to make the code run in our .Net 2019 environment. 

So, based on my experience I would say please try to debug the detached code to find this issue, since now it not specific to OS it would not be easy to tell the reason why there is difference into the dates.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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