New Video: ICYMI 4 - New Training, Cool Blog Posts, Product Updates, and more!

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) is back, with plenty of announcements and updates, plus celebrating a 10 year anniversary in the community, and more Forge components to check out. Take a look:

Here's what's covered: 
00:00 - Intro
00:16 - AWS Cloud Innovation Summit
00:33 - A Code Style Guide for OutSystems
00:56 - Product Updates - Experience Builder, Workflow Builder, and Architecture Dashboard
01:49 - Celebrating 10 Years in OutSystems - Nuno Reis (YouTube - Low Code Podcast with Nuno)
02:33 - Forge Updates for March 2021
Trusted Components:
02:59 - BPT Utils
03:25 - Hashtable
Supported Components:
04:07 - Performance Monitoring Plugin
04:35 - Crash Reporting Plugin
05:10 - Analytics Plugin
Community Components:
05:45 - PDF Annotations
06:18 - ColorAdd
07:06 - Wrap-up

Thanks for sharing, Andrew!!

I am curious, what are the criteria for choosing the community components for ICYMI?

Hey Swatantra,

I try to choose components that I feel can be helpful (in this case, the ColorAdd and PDF Annotations) to other Community members and that don't have a lot of downloads.

I do a quick review of the code to ensure that the component does what it does but I might overlook some things.

There's not a defined criteria.

Do you have any suggestion or feedback regarding that segment? :)

Hey Cristiana,

Thanks for your response. Indeed, the number of downloads (<5) was the reason, I started wondering what made it to the featured list. Now, it is clear.

Btw; if I had to choose for the community segment, would go with the metric of most popular, fastest growing/downloaded component in the last month/quarter which could benefit a larger audience. But, just my thought  ;-) 


The point of choosing components with few downloads is to give them a boost, given that they might be useful but be buried with all the stuff going on.

I'll try to balance that with the trending ones when possible.

Thanks for the feedback!

I think your point is legit; and of course, we as a community should support them. Maybe a separate category named "new entrants"/"debut components", or, "rising star" makes it more specific and self-declarative.


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Nice to have all these updates. Thanks @G. Andrew Duthie.

My pleasure!

Thank you for sharing.!!

Thanks for Update @G. Andrew Duthie !!!

My pleasure! 


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Thanks for sharing G. Andrew Duthie.

Thanks for sharing!! Awesome content

Thanks very useful info for all of use.!!

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