How to refresh web block in mobile
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HI Team,

 I am using Imask for decimal validation.

for that i used decimal web block and passed input id as input and here is the code of i mask. this code is implement   on block ready action in javascript widget.

var element = document.getElementById($parameters.inputId);

var maskOptions = {

  mask: Number,

  // other options are optional with defaults below

  scale: 2,  // digits after point, 0 for integers

  signed: false,  // disallow negative

  thousandsSeparator: '',  // any single char

  padFractionalZeros: false,  // if true, then pads zeros at end to the length of scale

  normalizeZeros: true,  // appends or removes zeros at ends

  radix: '.',  // fractional delimiter

  mapToRadix: ['.'],  // symbols to process as radix

  // additional number interval options (e.g.)

  min: 0,

  max: 9999999999


var mask = new IMask(element, maskOptions);

Problem Statement :

for first time validation is working properly if i enter 2009.48 its restrict to entering value after two decimal.

but on submit action I re-assign the input value to 0 means I reset the input field.

when again i am trying to enter  some amount automatically append the last digit of previous number.

in that case 2009.48 is an prev number and now i entered 5 then it's convert to 58 in input field.

here is the more ex.

 - Prev Number = 1245 then reset then enter 9 then its convert to 95.

 - Prev Number = 248.80 then reset then enter 9 then its convert to 98.

But when i refreshed the whole screen this problem is not happened.

so please guide me how to refresh the web block for this scenario so i can resolve this issue or suggest any another solution for this.

Hi Swapnil 

I have never tried this before. But let's look into a previous discussion might help you to understand something

Hope it helps 

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