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Hi All,

I have a requirement to generate a Weekly pro-rate based on the following dataset name, start date, end date & Hrs.

As per the below table, vinod & Sunil has data with start & end date tracked with Hrs. I am getting a week count for each row item based on start & end dates

User Activities Table

Required below output in the table grid. 

1) First-row item from the above table record  (i.e. Vinod Ravikumar) starts on May  3rd and ends by May 29, so we have to divide hrs with week count. Also, we need to check if any start & end dates fall within the same date range for the same user (Consider second-row item from the above table Vinod Ravikumar) then we have sum up those numbers and show them as single row item. Please see the below output.

2) As Sunil doesn't have any concurrent dates, hence the hrs are just divided with week count and displays a pro-rate numbers. 

Output Table

As per my above calculations, I am thinking to implement this solution however, I'm not sure how to achieve this logic in OutSystems. I am to take any solutions. Also will be much happier if any ready oml file available to achieve the above. 

If you look at columns in the Output table those are mentioned as dates as per the week start and week end dates. Added those dates for clarity. Ideally, I am thinking to add 52-week static columns in the structure which is going to be for this entire year 




Hi Vinod,

You write

Also will be much happier if any ready oml file available to achieve the above.

wouldn't we all like that? basically you ask someone else to do the work for you.

The OutSystems forum is here to help with specific OutSystems questions or challenges, not to build you a complete solution.

The outsystems.com/learn site contains plenty of training material on how to do a discovery of requirements, and how to find the concepts,.group them, define the architectural layer, etc. From there you can define epics and user stories into chunks that can be developed.

If you then have a specific OutSystems issue implementing a user story ask your coworker or the community for help, not by asking for an OML, but by sharing your OML.That way the community can probably quickly help you. 

As for now, asking us to build the whole solution, would take a lot of FREE time of a community member to do that work for you. 




Thanks for your response Daniel.

I have created a OML file for the above requirements but have issues in getting the output. I am currently fixing the logic.

I meant to ask any reasuable OML or forge component to achieve the above requirements.




Get the week number for 31 Dec of the year, some years have not 52 but 53 weeks.

Use this forge component to get start date and end date of each week.


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