Regarding display of photo/image  using camera plugin

Hi Community,

I want to upload a profile picture using camera plugin and it is been uploaded also ,but not able to display the photo .

And everytime it is displaying error

.I have shared my oml file also kindly take a look


Hello Vijay,

Please check your aggregate.

As per attached OML you have not applied any filter in the aggregate.



Thanks Krunal I have done that,but my problem is that after clicking a photo on mobile the size of the image is too high and thats why the photo is not getting uploaded .

Hello Vinay,

If size is the issue, the  you can refer the following thread for reference:-

Issue is similar to what you have.



Hi Vinay,

To display the photo saved in the db, you have to assign the value from GetUserProfiles.UserProfile.ProfilePicture to the 'Image Content' property of the Image widget'. To do this, you have to initialize the ProfilePicture variable(that you are currently using to change the existing image)  with GetUserProfiles.UserProfile.ProfilePicture value.

Thanks Marian ,

Whatever you said I have done that ,but still while changing or saving profile picture it is taking a lot of time to load .

Most of the times it is throwing an error connection time out .Can you help me out here.


1. Have you tried to change the encoding type, from JPEG to png, lower quality, lower width and height?

2. I don't really know what you are doing inside the CreateOrUpdateProfilePicture action, since you are passing only the profilePic. I hope you are not using any aggregate inside it. I guess you are calling the GetUserId() inside it and then you are updating the UserProfile entity using the CreateOrUpdateUserProfile action. You should create a wrapper instead, UserProfile_CreateOrUpdate, that has as Input a variable UserProfile, of type UserProfile.

3.  You could override the 'Server Request Timeout' property of the 'Movies' module, which by default, is 10 seconds.  -- I don't like it, since it is not really a clean solution, but you can try.

4. How is your internet connection?

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