Image captured from the mobile is storing in large size (Camera Plugin)
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Hi Community,

I'm trying to capture image from mobile, after capturing image it is storing in database with large size and when I am displaying that image it is throwing an exception with Connection timed out! , Is there any way to reduce the size while capturing picture from mobile? I have shared my oml file please have a look (I have used Camera plugin from forge)



Hello Ritesh,

Please check the following thread which is very similar to your issue:-

Hope this helps!



Hello Krunal,

I have used this in the logic but still i'm facing connection timeout can you help me where i am going wrong?

I have posted my oml please have a look.



Hi Ritesh

I see that the plugin you are using "will compress image upto 35%". 

Considering the resolution of our smartphone cameras, this may still be too large for your connection to handle. Perhaps you could try a plugin that can compress or resize the image even further, and see if that helps?

Best of luck!

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