Core Mapping to Entity ?
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I want to understand mapping of a core module to an entity.

Do we create one core module per entity. Or we create one core module for entities belonging to a business feature.

For example I can create one core module for one entity product.

Or I can create one core module for a Order business function which contains multiple entities like Product, order, customer and order lines. 

Or I create separate core module for each entity:

Product_cs for Product

Order_cs for Order

Customer_cs for customer.

Then create a Order_Manager_BL that does the orchestration function of creating a order.

Hi Ajay,

You can Create one core module for all the entities based on your requirement.

Creating one module for one entity is not a good practice.

You can also check the database videos from courses,

Kind Regards,

Hi Ajay,

You should create one core module per entities belonging to a single business feature.

First of all, you should identify in your application, which are the base core business concepts, like Product, Supplier, Store and the unbreakable concepts, like Product and Product family and put together the different concepts in a way that it makes sense for the line of business. 

Here you have a good example on how designing an architecture:

Fore more info, you could follow this guided path:

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