Entry Point does not exists on Area_Entry_Point


We are having a problem in a development that we are doing related to a menu that is going to configurable in backoffice. To do so, we are using queries to get the name of the entry points.
We have created a new entry point called for example Entry_Point_X, and that entry point does not appears in our query to the table Area_Entry_Point but it appears other entry points. Is there a reason for that to happens? Or there is another entity that stores the entry points?

Thanks for the attention.

Best Reggards,
Nuno Mendes
Hi Nuno,

Sometimes we are tempted to use all the system entities, but for your purpose it might represent a risk on future "platform releases". 
My opinion: Keep things easy and simple by creating a new entity to accomplish that task.

Rafael Pereira
Hi Nuno,

Well, Rafael did speak the truth - when you're toying with System Entities, things might change suddenly :)

However, I do not know what might be the cause for such a behavior. Could it be related to one being a default entry point? If you're still looking into this, why not share with us the eSpace, and the query results to that table? Maybe that could shed some light over the problem.


Paulo Tavares