LifetimeSDK Deployment returns nothing
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive, Service
Service Studio Version
11.10.21 (Build 41765)
Platform Version
11.11.2 (Build 29611)

When I try to get a list of deployments, or a specific deployment using the deployment key, the Deployment_List action does not return anything (from the LifetimeSDK).

However, when I use the Lifetime API v2, I do get information about the deployment. Has anyone encountered this, and was there a fix for it?

My use case: I want to retrieve a list of applications that were deployed (excluding the ones that were ignored), based on a given deployment key. The Lifetime API v2 does the job, however it returns me a list of applications in this manner:

Application Name    -    Operation
OutSystems UI         -    Tag & Deploy 1.3
DragAndDrop           -    Tag & Deploy 0.3
Application X            -     Deploy 0.5.2
OutSystems Maps   -     Tag & Deploy 0.2
Application Theme  -     Do Nothing
Application Portal    -     Do Nothing

I am not interested in the applications that were skipped (Operation 'Do Nothing'). But since this is a text field, I don't like filtering based on a string like that. 

The LifetimeSDK however, returns a list of applications (for a given deployment) with a OperationTypeId. This is a static entity which exactly denotes which applications were deployed, which were skipped, etc.. Unfortunately, the LifetimeSDK does not return any info. Thanks for any help.



Did you export lifetimedata?

The SDK is purely for developing plugins, so you might need to use the API instead.

see also

The API works fine, I was not aware the LifetimeSDK is purely for plug-ins. Thanks, will use the API instead.

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