Dont allow to give more than one solution to "myself"

As you can see in this application, one OutSystems User of the forums could mark as a solution more than one of his answers. This could be not enabled when the user already marks his own answer as a solution(1x).



Why should it not be allowed?

Either way no points are given to mark your own reply as solution. The revamped forum however allows for more than one reply to be marked as solution.

If you think the replies are not the correct solution report the URL to one of the forum moderators to judge.



You can mark your own solution, but more than one of your own solutions like the image is not ok, I think. I will send you the link. I didn't know, that you don't get any points from marking as a solution your comments. Nice!


Of course, marking a "Thank you" response as solution is undesirable, so this is no good anyway. But as Daniël explained, marking multiple answers as Solution is possible, regardless of whether it's the original poster or someone else, and I'm not sure whether we'd want an exception to this.

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