Error reading JToken from JsonReader. Path '', line 0, position 0

"Error reading JToken from JsonReader. Path'', line 0, position 0" message error.

But I don't know the cause.

Do you know what is the cause of this?

Please Help.

Hello Biginner,

Can you please share your JSON if possible.

One of the cause could be - Json had a beginning "[" and an ending "]" 

Please check for this because in order to make it work you have to remove those from start and end.



thank you for your answer.

I'm sorry, it seems difficult to share JSON.

If the "[" and "]" symbols are included, this error will occur.

Check where "[" and "]" are included.

Hello Beginner,

I didn't get you, So was that the cause?



Hello  Krunal  

I checked,

When setting to  variables

Since it is serialized and converted to an object type,

It has changed from aaa to "[" "aaa" "]", but it is working without any problems.

I don't get this error every time, so it's hard to find the cause.

Is there any other cause you can think of?


Hello Biginner,

Main cause of such kind of error is  mostly an unformatted JSON.

Like one more cause is - see if it starts with ...{.. or ends with ..}.. and remove the starting dots ".." and the ending dots ".."



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