Prevent Popup Editor from scrolling in IE

Hi there.

Can anyone explain to me, how can I prevent a popup editor from scrolling?

I'm selecting a Combo Box that will have an Ajax Refresh effect on another Combo Box. In IE, everytime I do it, a scroll appear, and then disappear after the second Combo Box refresh. Any aidea why this happens?

Tnaks in advance.

Hugo Laibaças
Direcção-Geral do Orçamento
Hi Hugo,
This situation only occurs in IE?
It seems to be a resize problem. Check the following topic.
Kind Regards
Ivo Gonçalves
I often put the contents of the popup editor in a Container with a fixed size, and then set the popup editor to have a size slightly bigger. One place I've seen errors without doing this, are mandatory fields, because the asterisks ("*") used to mark the mandatory fields are not taken into account with the size calculation if you let the popup editor widget automatically calculate dimensions.