Expose read only for outsystems extension entity

Is any option like expose read only for Extension entities?



Can you elaborate more on the problem statement with an example if possible?

Hello Naveen

If you set your entity public and Expose Read Only to "Yes" and consume it from other module, you only will see the Get Entity Action. However, if you set Expose Read Only to "No" you will see all entity actions. 

You can do the same for Extension Entity as well. 

Note: The Extension Entity in my knowledge is the Entity we create to establish M-M relation. Please feel free to correct if definition of extension entity is different in the question you asked.  

Hi Shri and Manish,

Thanks for the response. 

In Outsystems, I used an external mysql database. I configured the db connection in the service center, created an extension module in integration studio and linked with all tables from mysql database to extension module. My question here is, is it possible to make Expose Read Only for external database tables?

Kindly find the attachment which shows external db tables and its property. These tables from extension modules. If we create table in our outsystems database, then we can make Expose Read Only to Yes/No. But how to do this for external database tables from the extension module?






The readonly property on entities in OutSystems is only metadata used to decide which crud actions to expose. It doesn't make the underlying table readonly. Thru SQL one can still update data from consumer modules to a public read only entity.

In your case, where you use an external database, the responsibility for access permission is in the external database.

Setup proper permissions for access that only always to read data in the external database.



Hi Daniel,

                Thank you. Got it.



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