[Snowflake Connector] Number of active Requests
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Is there a limitation to the number of requests that can be done to snowflake at the same time?
Scenario, I have a big query that is running and all further requests I make get timed out until that one concludes.

Hi Paulo,

The limitation is on snowflake instance. By default you can only run 8 queries at the same time. This can vary depending on the complexity of the queries. All the queries are reaching your snowflake instance and timing out there right? you can check this on the history. To solve this problem you need to check why your snowflake instance doesn't have the right resources for the usage you want to give it. If this is not the case can you provide more information?



Hello Marcelo,
Thank you for the quick reply!
The timeout is the error I see on the application. On service center I see an error on the call in the connector that says the DB connection was closed. on the query history everything is alright, I dont see any timeouts there.

The scenario I have is a screen with a bunch of dropdowns, all data on the dropdown comes from snowflake queries that are executed with the connector. You can create and update records based of selections and all the data on screen comes from queries in the connector.

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