RestProxy_Lib.SetProxy equivalent for SOAP
Application Type
Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.9.2 (Build 29615)


I am working in platform version 11 and trying to consume a SOAP WS out of me network and I need to set proxy information. On platform v10, I used to use the extension EnhancedWebReferences but now it is deprecated and we have to use SOAP Extensibility API. Someone has already implemented the SetProxy method for platform v11 ?

It is not implemented in SOAPExtensibilitySamples extension.

I need a  RestProxy_Lib.SetProxy equivalent for SOAP. 


Hello Joel,

I'm not sure, as I never had to implement something like this, but you can check this topic:

Hope it helps.


SetProxy from extension RestProxy_Lib works, but I need an equivalent method but for SOAP call.

Still looking for...

Okay, I will check if found something to help you. I don't have any idea for this as of now. 


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