New Video: Find and Fix Bugs in OutSystems Apps using Service Center

The latest Decoded: Quick Hits is out!

In this video, Cristiana Umbelino walks through the process of troubleshooting and fixing bugs using the tools and logs available in the Service Center developer console. 

Let us know if there are other topics you'd like us to cover!

Thanks @G. Andrew Duthie. However, I am sorry what is the new which is added here to debug the issue, since I can see that we are doing the same in present also to find and resolve the issue with code.

Not sure I am understanding the question. If you're asking if there's something new here, the answer is no, this video is intended to highlight the existing capabilities of the platform, for folks who might not be familiar with them.

Hope that helps!

I was curious to know if there was anything newly added for this part. Now, I got it that this is just for new members to make them aware of this process. Thanks again!

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A Great feature to speed but the application deployment with limiting QA efforts. Thanks for sharing. 

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Awesome video @Cristiana Umbelino packed with info and humor, making it fun to watch! 

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