How do I change the variable data type

I have received an error message stating that "The value needs to be of type 'Text' as the parent Button Group Variable." Why does the parent Button Group need to be referenced as a variable and why does it need to be of the type 'Text'?

Hi Paul,

The parent Button Group Variable must be the same type of data as its set on the database. The error appears because you are sending data that isn't a "text" to the Button Group;

How can I determine the type of data as its set on the database? Depending on the field, the data might be an integer or text, email etc..

How does 'sending' data to a button group allow me to search my data?

Lastly, I see users asking for an OLM (or something like that) What is it?


Hello @Paul Shoemaker 

For what do you need the button group?

The button group is to select different outputs by different inputs, you can use for example the database or you can put the actions that will be in each button.

An oml is the module itself, the place you do low code. You can export a module as oml. 

You have here another explanation, a better

Kind regards, 

Márcio Carvalho

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