What Value should a ButtonGroupItem be set to?

I am not able to figure out what Property:Value a ButtonGroupItem should be set to, I'm trying to make 4 buttons that when each is clicked it only shows a subset of records that correspond to the title of the button. e.g. The button title is 500 so when someone presses that button it only shows records where the "LicenseType" is "License500". Supposedly this is a simple thing to do. I keep watching the videos over and over, but they are not granular enough. 

Hi Paul,

The ButtomGroupItems should be set to a value according to their parent's ButtonGroup 'Variable' property. So, for example, if the ButtonGroup's variable is of type Integer, then each ButtonGroupItem should be assigned an integer value (0, 1, 10, etc.)

This means that the ButtonGroup widget is versatile enough for you to use any type according to your needs. For example, let's say that you have a main entity MyEntity which has a LicenseTypeId attribute, which is the identifier for a LicenseType static entity.

So, let's suppose that static entitiy has the records License100, License300 and License500. The ButtonGroup widget would have a variable of type LicenseType Identifier (e.g. a local variable called SelectedLicenseTypeId) associated with it, while each ButtonGroupItem would correspond to each type, so in the Value property you could enter Entities.LicenseType.License100, Entities.LicenseType.License300 and Entities.LicenseType.License500, respectively.

Afterwards, you can use the SelectedLicenseTypeId inside one of your aggregates so that the data is filtered adequately, using a filter such as: MyEntity.LicenseTypeId = SelectedLicenseTypeId. Just make sure to use a refresh inside the On Change event handler for the ButtonGroup so the data is updated accordingly.

Thank you for the great reply, I will cook on it for a few days - it appears that I have to become more comfortable with OS terminology - I'm coming from the Filemaker world. 


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