How to access Basic Screen Development - II Screen Interactions Exercise

I was given a link in the forum to create a search button but when the page loads it shows a list of 6 topics (below), but there's nothing else. I thought there would be a video or something, but instead just a screen capture of the finished thing. How do I access the various parts of the exercise? Perhaps the items below were supposed to be clickable?

In this exercise, you will:

  1. Add buttons to Screens
  2. Create the Screen Actions that are called when buttons are clicked
  3. Add record creation (and update) logic to Screen Actions
  4. Add genre categorization to the MovieDetail Screen
  5. Create and update a few movies and movie people
  6. Create a search filter for movie title and plot summary

Hi Paul,

In the training link that you mentioned, if you scroll down to the bottom you should see a button that says "Lesson Materials" that should allow you to download a ZIP folder containing a PDF with step-by-step instructions for implementing all the logic related to that exercise.

Hopefully that solves your problem.

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