[Advanced Excel] Getting error "Worksheet position out of range" in advance excel
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Hello friends,

Hope during this tough time, all is well and fine at your end. 

Actually i am using "Advance excel" component for excel upload feature in one of my projects, where i need to read all row values from that file and display in UI.

But after some period, i am getting this below error while uploading excel sheet:

That excel file contains sheet order as follows:

  1. Sheet1
  2. Product Matrices

Find below workbook ,worksheet action where i am passing binary and sheet names:

I believe all fields are correct as per my knowledge, but some where i am making a mistake. If you can spot any error, would be great to learn and improvise.

Much thanks for your help. Take care.


Hello Pavan,

I think so you are missing the worksheet index parameter.

Can you please input index parameter and check weather the problem persists.



@Krunal Vyas As you can see the sheet order above, if i add 0 for Sheet1 and 1 for Product Matrices. Then too the above error is coming as same.

Hello Pavan,

The sheet indexing starts from 1 so please give 1 and 2 respectively for sheets.

and also try one more way, where remove sheet name and just keep worksheet index and check weather that works.



@Krunal Vyas Thanks for your reply.

But the problem is still on when i remove index and place sheet name.

Hello pavan,

Where is your workbook deployed?

is it in resources folder?

I am attaching a OML file where i was able to successfully complete the flow

Please check the OML.

Hope it helps!




@Krunal Vyas  I am passing workbook as binary form to upload widget in a screen.

Hello Pavan,

Can you provide your OML so that i can have a look

Here is one more OML for your reference where i have passed binary data.




Ya Krunal, let me check that. So sorry cant share OML file due to compliance. 

Hi Pavan Suthar Jethmal,

Give the worksheet index number and worksheet name " " for the first worksheet give index number 1



Hello @Pavan Suthar Jethmal,

Are you processing an excel file with extension '.xls'? If so you get the 'worksheet position out of range' error because the component only works with '.xlsx' files.



Hello, yes my excel binary ext is .xls. Let  me check that converting into .xlsx and get back to you.


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