Architecting Services

I want to design two service modules School and Fees.

School Module

School is composed of entities :

  •  School
  • Classes and sections
  • Students

Students belongs to section, section to a class and class to a school.

I will create server actions:

  • CreateUpdateStudent
  • CreateUpdateClasses
  • CreateUpdateSections

This module is responsible for managing school , classes and students

Fees Module:

This module is responsible for Fee generation and reciept.

In the Fees service Module:

Can I add relations to entities School , students since it belongs to another module. Will it maintain referential integrity.

In the UI Layer I will have separate menus for Student and Fees.

Hello Ajay,

You can surely add reference as per your need.

Referential integrity is maintained by the deletion rule.

for reference you can check this link:-

So keep in mind while creating relationship between entities that whenever you are inserting or deleting records from any entity then always insert/delete record in child entity and then perform operations on parent entity.



Hi Ajay,

Yes you can add the relation to school module with fees module, 

Kind Regards,

Thanks Krunal and Komal.

It means even if we are creating separate service module as per business function, we can add relationship between entities created in separate modules. in Fees Module I can add reference to school module and then create relationships between entities. 

Hello Ajay,

Yes you can



Yes You can

Hi Ajay,

Fees calculations are based on the class or standard of a student, so you can create a relationship between entities of different modules.



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