Populate a dropdown (javascript) on load of page

Hello everybody, 
I am creating an application with jquery and I wanted to load a dropdown 
with records from a table in the database and wanted this dropdown 
was born early in the loading screen. 
I wonder if it is possible to communicate with the javascript in the onload 
page, filling the dropdown with information from the database? 
<select id="field_0" class="other" name="field_0" size="1">
<option>Option 1</option>
<option>Option 2</option>
<option>Option 3</option>
What is bold would be the data coming from database.
Ricardo Palhares.
Hi Richard,

You can acomplish this with:

1) Some "no escape" expression with something like this:
$(document).ready(function() {"


2)  Using the shared action RunJavascript from the extension RichWidgetsExtension you are able to execute javascript on your Preparation

Rafael Pereira
Hi Rafael,

I opted for the tip number two, did not know there was such an extension.
I tested my application and solved my problem.

Thank you!

Ricardo Palhares
Happy to help you!