Mobile application for studies (Quiz Outsystems)

I'm learning Outsystems, and I often don't have a computer all the time with me, so I thought, what if I had an App with questions related to different segments in Outsystems?

I created a Mobile App with the knowledge I have, and I will continue to develop it, I already have all the Reactive Ready part, and in two languages, English and Portuguese.

For those who want to access the app, I have available on PWA.

And a trial version for Android.

I hope that this idea is really good, and will be implemented by the platform.


Danilo Miquelino.


Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much @Tom Zhao!

Great Job I really liked it!!!, thought of doing the same! Maybe I am going, but I am thinking of giving another look, like one of the proctors, with a lot of options, timer, ability to see the answer again, market the answer. Giving the user the feeling that he is doing the exam at that time. 

Very good @Marcio Carvalho , if you do share with us!

Of course, again, great job and initiative! :)

Thank you so much sharing this study tool you created @Danilo Miquelino

-- Cat

I thank you @Cat Martinez , I am happy to help the Outsystems community.

This is really great! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you very much for the feedback @Yashraj Nayak!


Helli Danilo

Its a good initiative in the direction to help community members for getting certified and new learnings. Well done! 

Yes @Manish Gupta that's my intention, Thank You! 

Great job!! Thanks for sharing this will be helpful for learning

I appreciate your feedback @Shradha Rawlani, Thank You!

Great job Indeed :) Many thanks for sharing .!!

I appreciate your feedback @Komal Kumbhar, Thank You!

Thank you so much for sharing, this app is very helpful for learners..!!

I thank you for your positive feedback, it is a pleasure to help the Outsystems community!

Great work ! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for your feedback @Tejas Mendse!

Hey Danilo, Great Job...! this will help the community a lot.....Really appreciable.

Thanks for your feedback @Vinayak Siddhiwal, it's a pleasure to be able to help the community.

Hey Danilo, thanks for the help for the community! This helps a lot, but now when we try to access it, it keeps giving an error. We can't access it. 

Problem solved, thanks!

Hi Danilo, Thanks for your help with the application but I was trying to access the link for the PWA version you mentioned above but seems like it's not working as I am getting the error you can see in the below screenshot. I tried it even with an incognito browser.


Hello @Nitish Kumar, indeed the app had this error after an update in my Service Studio, but the issue has been resolved and the app is working perfectly again, if you continue to have problems, can you send me a message to let me know if already is working again for you, please give me feedback as well. 


Hi @Danilo Miquelino, Thanks for the fast response!! but the PWA link is still not working for me, maybe you can check the error logs from the service center as I am getting this same error.


Thank you, I'll see what happened, and I'll respond again, thank you.

Great Job!! Thanks for sharing..

Thank you for the feedback!

Hello @Danilo Miquelino 

The questions are being displayed only in Portuguese the EN selection is not working. Couldn't translate the questions


Hello @Priya Ruth, indeed the EN translation functionality is not active, I had a problem and I am solving it, it will be available soon. Thanks.

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