Sorting on Table record dropdown

I am trying to apply sorting on table record having record has an dropdown. 

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Can you please explain your scenario in more detail? Since this one line statement is not stating your requirements. 

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I am trying to apply sorting on a table record which has an dropdown.

I haven't used aggregate  to apply sort filter. We have used List.

Hi  Varshitha M S,

Try to add sorting in aggregate, your records will be sort



Hi Varshitha,

For sorting based on dropdown,

1. Add filter to your aggregate on which you want to sort,

2. Add on change action on drop down and refresh the particular aggregate in that action (If you are using Traditional then refresh table widget as well )

It will sort the table and display the data, 

If drop down Id is null then add both filter in aggregate like

Drop down variable =entity.attribute or drop down variable=Nullidentifier()

In both the cases aggregate will return the result,

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I haven't used aggregate  to apply sort filter. We have used List.



In that case, use list filter on onchange action of drop down and refresh the table widget.

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I have attached the OML here for your reference, You can find it inside Web screen1,

Also you can check here,

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Hello Varshita,

Can show the screenshot of your screen to show what you're trying to achieve and what you're getting.


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Did you got your answer or are you still struggling to get it ?

If you got the answer the please share it with community members so that any one is looking for same will get it from here.

If you still struggling then let us know,

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