Any way to list all widgets and UI patterns I have used in an application

Hi there,

I would like to know whether there is any way to list all widgets and UI patterns I have used in an application? Could someone help me this? Thanks! 

If you are only looking for a quick reference and don't need to "export" this information or visualize it outside Service Studio, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the Interface tab in Service Studio in your application.
  2. Scroll down to OutSystemsUI (and/or any other relevant producer module you want to inspect).
  3. Right click the module and select Remove Unused Dependencies. After this, you should get a message saying that X amount of unused dependencies were removed.
  4. Afterwards, the items that remain are the ones being used somewhere in your application.

Not sure if this solves your problem but hopefully it helps, just remember that if you publish the module after doing this, the dependencies for those unused blocks/widgets will be removed from the application, so they won't show up on the widget bar and you will have to add them again if you want to use them.

Hi Francisco,

Thanks but how can we find the widgets like input box, button etc.? Also any way to export as list? 

Hi Diyab,

can you explain why you would want that ?  What information are you hoping to get from this / what do you want to do with this ?  If we know that, we might be able to help better.  To me, this sounds a bit like wanting a list of all the places a ForEach or an Assign was used in  a piece of code, to what end ??

For all the patterns from for example OutsystemsUI you can do a FindUsage, even across several modules.  For al the standard widgets like table or button or radio-group, you could do a "Search in this module" for style classes (for example 'form-control' will get you all inputs and text areas, 'radio-group', 'btn', etc. will yield results.  Some things like containers and expressions don't have styles, so you won't find those.  

So for ad hoc searches, you can do this, if you really want to produce a list for some reason, maybe train an automation robot to go through all your modules and do this,  i don't see the point ...


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