Options to store search filters during user session

Hello, we need to save in several of our applications, in the search screens, the filters that a user selects so that, typically, they do not get lost in navigation and recover them when they return to the search screen.

There are 3 typical options:

  1. Temporary table that we can cache and delete when the user closes the session
  2. cookies
  3. Session variables

At the performance level or officially in Outsystem is there one that is better than another?

In my opinion the temporary table, as long as it is cached, I see that it is the most optimal, unless you need to consult those filters on many screens, in that case perhaps the session variables.

If I also have a large number of filters and I chose a session variable, is a variable per filter or a complex structure type variable better?

The first option I suppose is lighter in performance and the second the only thing that gives you is cleaning

Hi Cris,

the most common solution I've seen in previous projects is using Session variables which is very good in terms of performance but if the structure is really big and complex you should consider other options. But in my opinion if you can create a lighter structure of session variables, without using complex data types (structure), you can't get any better than that.


Hi Cris,

Session variable is the better option for filters, it will store search filter values during the session




Hi Cris,

Session variable is the best way to do this. I don't know why you even consider other options.


Hi Cris

I also support to the session variable. They are best to use in the scenario 

Thanks for the answers. Currently it is true that we have it in session variables, but I come from the NET world and more or less the rules were those:

Session variables as long as they were not complex structures or large objects.

Understanding that OS is based on NET, I wanted to know if the recommendations are the same as what José says, if so.

Thank you

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